The Story Behind AppHomeSmart

“Our mission is to educate consumers on which smart home products are top diy self monitored with no contracts or monthly subscriptions categorized to fit your life”

Our mission is to educate consumers on which smart home products are diy self monitored with no contracts or monthly subscriptions.

We’ll also connect you straight to the manufacturer of that product or a quality retailer through our shop Products buttons.               

How awesome is that.

“Our mission team at Apphomesmart is to help you simplify your smart home shopping experience, and connect you to the right resources. There are literally thousands of smart home products out in the market today” 

Most consumers don’t know enough about this industry, to as what products would work for diy applications. 

There’s WiFi, Bluetooth, z-wave, sim card applications, gsm connect, hub connect requirements, the list goes on. So in the long run people don’t commit to making their home more energy efficient, secure, and alive.

Just not knowing

Then there are the people who pay companies monthly subscriptions usually tied to contracts for these services and also pay upfront for the equipment and installation.

People are shocked when we tell them that they can start to become a Smart Home for as little as a one time $50 product purchase like an app enabled plug module and have no contract or monthly subscriptions to use that product day after day.

The most common reply we hear is HOW ?

Different options

Maybe you just want to operate one smart light in your home because your running late from work, and you don’t want your loving pet in the dark. 

Or you are on vacation and you ask your neighbor to water your house plants, but they don’t have a key, no problem just unlock a door with an installed Smart Lock and enabled app on your mobile device. 

Maybe you have a postal delivery when you’re not home! With a smart app enabled doorbell and a garage door app enabled system, you could see and speak to the delivery person via your smart phone, open your garage door so your parcels are safe and indoors till you arrive back home. 

You could be starting a new business, and would like to keep an eye on the business when you’re not there with affordable diy cameras, and alarm system solutions.

With view & smart technology ready to connect add on’s like plug modules to coffee machines and more to get your store or office looking and coffee smelling 15 minutes before you arrive and open.

How awesome is that! 

The possibilities are endless

Our experience in the security, surveillance, and home automation industry led us to this point.

Our mission is to educate people on app enabled smart products that will serve their purpose for the solution they seek as a self monitored end result. 

You can self monitor your home, apartment, dorm, business, or wherever your imagination takes you, without contracts and monthly subscriptions that companies charge. 

We’ve selected various categorized top of the chart app enabled smart products that are more budget friendly as well for the diy app enabled self monitored Smart Home consumer, so you can control your own purchased Smart Home products, your way. 

But not all of these products are rated well, some are a headache to install and connect, and some are just cheap quality.

We selected products that were higher in quality and easy to install and connect with good favorable results. You can learn more about smart home, security, and home automation in our educate posts. 

The best thing about these products is that if you move from your existing home or business, you simply just pack and take your Smart Home components with you to your new place or business.

How awesome is that!

This website was created as an educational platform to help simplify for the consumer end user to be able to obtain the knowledge to shop and build their own Smart Home properly and save.

Bookmark us or place our icon on your home page and come back to checkout new added products and smart home app and video categories. If you learned something from our posts that helped you please give us a like and share us on your social media platform.

To all consumers who have purchased products through Apphomesmart we sincerely thank you for your support as we may receive a little advertisement compensation, it helps support the costs incurred in maintaining this free informational website.

Thanks the team at Apphomesmart.

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