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Build Your Smart Home System Today with no contracts or monthly subscriptions. From Security Alarms to Lighting and complete home automation applications giving you your personalized Interactive Home or Business…


Security systems today have advanced with technology changes so much now that you have several choices, like monitored or non monitored and now self monitored security systems. A monitored security system is connected to a third party monitoring station, where your system when armed sends a signal to your monitoring company that you would like them to report to you if there was a breach in your system. You can set permissions with your monitoring station to call you first, and if no answer then call another family member to verify that it was you or another family member who breached the system. They usually first ask to whom there speaking with, and confirm the secret password you established with them in the monitoring agreement that you originally created. If there is no answer then they would then dispatch the proper authorities to your home or business. Monitored security systems send there signals through your home phone line (telco or pots connection) or if you don’t have a landline, then you can be monitored with a cellular (gsm) based security system to send signals, and also some companies use your secure home internet connections to transmit signals. Today with the exploding growth of hand held devices (cellphones) the need for landlines has reduced, so companies are seeing a higher growth in cellular and network connected homes for their security alarm systems connections. The positive security aspect of this type of alarm system is if someone cut your power and phone line, the system would still be powered by backup battery, and still send signals with the battery backup cellular (gsm) communicator. The other would be a non monitored alarm, when your system is armed if the system is breached a loud siren would be activated, but nobody is calling you to verify this, or take the proper procedures to act on the alarm event. Having a monitored alarm system with a reputable monitoring company gives you more of a strategic advantage, because it activates the siren and sends signals of a breach to your monitoring station, where they then take the appropriate action. Today with the advantages of internet connected systems, and apps people can now choose a self monitored alarm system for their homes or businesses with WiFi alarm systems, alarm cameras etc. The problem is most people don’t know how to go about it or if they did what to buy. That’s where Apphomesmart comes in, we selected alarm systems that are easy to use, easy to install, and connect to your wifi network, so you can self monitor your home or business through your mobile device almost anywhere. So when your wifi alarm system is breached, you are notified directly because you are now the monitoring station. In our alarm systems products page you’ll even find cameras with to way audio, where you can see and verbally verify. Also if your cell phone is not with you, other family members may have the app as well, so they also would know. But remember if you are racing camels between the pyramids, or swimming in the Mayan riviera, you probably don’t have your cell phone with you to get your self monitored systems breach notification. That’s where a third party monitored alarm system comes in, we believe that’s your best defense. But hey when was the last time you didn’t have your cell phone with you, or your wifi network was down? People today take there cell phones everywhere. The beautiful thing about a self monitored alarm system is you buy the product, you install the product, you download the app, connect to your wifi network, and that’s it self monitored alarm system security with no contracts or monthly subscriptions. And if you move just put your Alarm system in a box and reinstall at your new place. How awesome is that!


Smart Appliances

Lighting control and automation is one of the easiest additions you can accomplish for any home, apartment, or work environment, whether you own or not. You have three major options. WiFi enabled wired light switches that replace your existing ones on the wall. Some are just normal one way switches, to switches with built in dimming features. These type of switches can be installed fairly easily, but an electrician can do quite a few in one hour for a fee and give you peace of mind knowing it was done right. The second lighting control and automation choice is using WiFi enabled plug modules for indoors, or plug modules for outdoors designed for the elements and awesome for patio, holiday, driveways, these are movable devices that plug right into your wall power sockets, then you just merely connect whatever lamp fixture,coffee machine, holiday lights, media equipment, etc. You can create scheduled time and day rules to go on and off, or just control everything in real time with your smart phone from anywhere. Also a lot of these products manufacturers apps have a sundown and sunrise program that you can select and configure to turn on your lights at sundown, or start the coffee at sunrise. The third type of lighting control and automation is just replacing your existing fixture bulb, with a WiFi enabled smart bulbs. These are a little pricey but you can get some lights with different color effects to change the hue in any room. All three options are WiFi enabled, so when you let’s say purchase plug modules, you would first download the APP from the link that the manufacturer instructed, to your smart phone, then the APP will ask you to plug the module into the wall, when the APP locates the device it will then ask to connect to your secure WiFi network, you then put in your secure password, and your done. The plug modules now will only work on your home network and operate whatever is plugged into it from your phone. You can customize in the APP what name the device will have like holiday lights, or children’s bed light, or living room, you can even create themes like relaxing, romantic, movie, you get the picture. To add other phones or tablets to the same automated devices would require getting the APP installed, then connecting to your secure home network via your password. If you move, just simply plug your lighting controlled module into your new home, the module will not work until you hit the reset button, and input your secure password on your new network to connect to your lighting controlled plug module at your new place. In review the WiFi removable devices are the best investment, because they are easily relocated, and used with a wide variety of power on or off applications.




 Doorbell Cameras with audio & video are a great add on to any home security for a multitude of reasons. Most doorbell cameras would notify you before the doorbell was even pushed just on approach only. These are great for babysitters, business back door buzzers, or homes with multiple levels. You just answer your doorbell supplied app on your smart device and you can see who’s at the door as well as talk to the visitor. Most likely its someone selling something anyway, but it could be your neighbour or a friend or family. It sure can save you time and energy, most importantly it will be a valuable security add on. Lets say your at work and a your children arrive home but don’t have their keys. If you also have a smart lock your children would push the doorbell you would see them and unlock the door, and maybe tell them no cookies before dinner see you soon. Starting to get the picture! There are so many things you can do when you’re not at home or are you at home, nobody really knows. Your existing doorbell has two low voltage wires, one + and, one –. These connect the same way to your smart doorbell. These two wires give power to your doorbell, and are usually connected to your homes interior chime doorbell. So when someone pushes your doorbell button the interior chime goes as well as your phone. Some homes have old brittle wires that cannot be used, but not to worry most smart doorbells take batteries as well, if your wire options are not available. These would only chime on your phone in the event someone pushes the doorbell button, but some models have a chime that plugs into an electrical outlet inside your home with a close proximity to your smart doorbell, so you have the best of both worlds phone chime with also home chime. In addition to smart homes and your diy security system you could opt out for different smart home products that would best suit your home or preferences, you may have an apartment with no door bell but a peep hole to see who’s at the door. These apartment peep holes are most often to high for children to view but there are solutions. You could easily install a replacement peep hole with a smart doorbell peep-hole that looks great on the front side but also features a viewing screen on the inside that could also record and be answered from your mobile device with the free WiFi app from literally anywhere. The nice thing about peep-hole doorbell viewers is that these can be easily replaced back with the original if you move from your apartment, condo, town home etc. One of the smartest items to install for any business is surveillance to the back entry and delivery doors. With smart doorbell solutions you can see and record, as well as speak with your visitors without even opening the door. Also the products we like are motion activated as well giving you a heads up that there is somebody approaching or lurking at your business’s back delivery or service entrance, even on your mobile device when your business is closed for the night. If someone was looking at maybe intruding into your establishment and went by the vicinity of the back entry you would be to and speak with the stranger. That option alone would be a fantastic line of defense and deterrent. In general doorbell cameras and peep-hole cameras are a strategic security measure and convenience for almost any application.


 Cameras are one of the fastest growing technologies, we have them in our phones, our cars, places we shop, and now places we live. When it comes to video surveillance there are a multitude of system configurations. Cameras are connected on the video feed side either hardwired or wireless, and the cameras power is usually always hardwired. These cameras are then connected to a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder). A DVR keeps video footage on the premise in the DVR unit, whereas the NVR keeps video footage in the unit and on the cloud. So if someone broke into a business that had a DVR and the crooks found it, they could take the unit and the business owner would not have the footage, but with an NVR they could take the unit but the business owner would still have all the footage in the cloud. These units also come in channel sizes like four, eight, sixteen channel and so on. So if you had five cameras then a four channel wouldn’t work, but an eight channel would with room to grow three more cameras to the system. The costs of these systems can climb considerably high depending on the length of wire needed, camera mounting brackets etc. The most common system today would the NVR system with wired cameras. These systems connect to the owners mobile device through their home or business internet connections and can be viewed from their mobile devices and recorded to the cloud. The cameras Apphomesmart selected in camera products give you the savings of simplicity with usually no wires at all. Lets say for instance you have a spot light or two on your driveway and you would like to add a camera or two, did you know we have light bulb cameras. You just remove your original light bulb and screw in the camera light bulb that’s it for install, your done. Also you could invest in a wireless camera setup package. These systems either take power through wire applications, or battery operated applications to have zero wires. You would be very amazed on how long these battery operated systems battery banks last, some quite a long time. For business cameras and or residential cameras outdoor applications we would highly recommend wired power cameras with secure mounting brackets connected to 4, 8, or 16 channel NVR’s. The video feed can be wired or wireless. All the cameras we select have apps where you can view anytime in real time, they alert you if someone is in the vision of your cameras, they have night vision, and some even come with free cloud storage. The best part is if you move, put them in a box and take them with you.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can be an installation nightmare if you don’t have the correct measurements to door edge from hole centre, hole size, door thickness, etc., before purchasing. But some locks are just brilliant when it comes to ease of installation. There are a couple things you should know before making your decision. First you have blue-tooth only, WiFi only, and blue-tooth with WiFi options. Blue-tooth only lets you operate your smart locks within your blue-tooth range, or better yet close to your hand held device. These are great if you have a summer home at the lake or something, where you don’t have internet. You still can control your locks with your app on your device. Your also able to just have your phone in your pocket and it locks or unlocks within close proxy range, but they don’t let you control your locks from another city. WiFi locks are just that WiFi. Your hand-held device would have the locks supplied app connected to your WiFi secure network, enabling you to operate its functions from afar, as long as you have data on your hand held device. You can also get notifications of it unlocking or locking in real time, but at the lake with no Internet you have to punch your code or use your key. To have the best of both worlds you just simply get the WiFi with blue-tooth locks, and your great to go. There are also different installation types, the first type would be for you to take out your existing lock and replace it with the corresponding look that match similar to your existing lock. Most are flexible just like the one you probably are replacing. The second would be locks that fit over your existing lock and they become the automated mechanical part that turns the lock. These are great for apartments, condos or just simply for those who want a super easy add on that can be removed and taken with you when you move, leaving the original lock where it always was. We also have selected smart locks that can learn a secret knock on the door, when your phone is in your pocket, or you knock on your phone when its in your pocket, and shazam your door lock unlocks. Word of warning, if you have a door that you have to push to lock, or have difficulty in turning the deadbolt to lock because you door needs tweaking to the door jam, a smart lock may cause frustration and mood swings. Smart Locks need ease of operation to work effectively. Tweak your door first.

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